Delegates from the Newlyn, Smeaton, Springmount, Rocky Lead and Broomfield clubs, met at Flanagan's Reserve Hotel, Smeaton, on Friday evening, and decided to form a district Junior Football Association." Creswick Advertiser, Tuseday July 10, 1900.

From the Smeaton & Newlyn District Junior Football Association through to the Central Highlands Football League, there have been numerous competitions that the club has been involved.  Prior to 1932 there were 14 different competitions mainly covering the district around Creswick.  In 1929 the club ventured into Ballarat to compete in the Ballarat First Rate Association and Ballarat District Football Association in 1930 and 1931.  With the formation of the Clunes Football League in 1931 the club left Ballarat after that year and competed in the country league from 1932 to 1978.  1979 saw the merger of the Clunes Football League with the Ballarat & Bacchus Marsh District Football League to form the Central Highlands Football League and we have been a member each year since.

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